also i have a here that’s a backup of this blog. tags don’t work quite the same on that site but it automatically imports all my posts every few days (currently the latest backup is from the 15th but i’m forcing another backup rn to see how it handles readmores) so bookmark that if worst comes to worst.


hey in the future, no more sexually explicit asks on this blog. soft-r stuff is okay, but all explicit/nc-17 stuff needs to go to my nsfw blog. ask for the url for that if you’re off anon and over 18.




so. turns out that tumblr’s changing how blogs marked as nsfw work, and they’ll soon only be available to those who are logged in, which seems to mean that they’ll be sidebar-popup only. this blog is marked as nsfw. if that’s true, idk what i’m going to do here because the popup sidebar does not allow readmores. we’ll have to see.

tbh if that’s true there’s a good possibility im moving blogs if not accounts. again, we’ll have to see, but i enjoy being able to see my blog. plus i have a hell of a lot of writing to rescue.

i’ll see about getting this blog unflagged which would mean a change in how nsfw things are handled but let’s hope.

welp I got confirmation from support that nsfw-flagged blogs will only be viewable through the sidebar. time to appeal that nsfw flag, and in the meantime save all my writing that’s not on ao3.

tagging @satansprettyprose since we’d been talking about it last night

domestic jeremwood where ryan wakes up way too early to make coffee and then wakes jeremy up with little kisses and a fresh mug made how he likes it. jeremy just sleepily returning the kisses and shuffling into the kitchen with ryan to make breakfast. them just sitting together at the table eating and going through what they have to do that day. cleaning up together and then getting ready for their day before heading out to do what they need. kissing each other goodbye all sweetly. just yeah