some things never change

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ughhhhhhh i’ve had so many earbuds break on me recently

My whole family uses these

Lasts about a year, great sound quality. Well, my dad’s have lasted 3 years (black, with constant use) while the other colors last a year.  

oh man those are the ones i just bought and are already fucking up on me

i’d rebuy them to see if i just got a shitty one but the bit around the jack itself is too big to fit into my phone case’s opening surrounding my headphone outlet (and even when they were brand new they didn’t work v well with my phone anyway)


okay we have fics about fahc gavin placing bets on stupid shit, but are there fics where fahc jack places huge bets on literally anything???? please. i need it. everyone needs it whether they know it or not. i just need a whole fic dedicated to fahc jack placing bets ($10000 bets too) on anything, getting progressively more and more involved/dumb/circumstantial with each one