I just wanna say that I love this fandom and the sheer number of ships, esp poly ships you can make. Like roll dice for a number and pull some names out of a hat and people can probably make it work


it’s the best


Geoff with autism who is touch sensitive so his datemate(s) buy him soft cotton and silk clothes and he spends so much time just touching his clothes because “they’re soft as dicks dude”. (fahc Geoff buying the best silk suits because they constantly feel so good on his skin, never too much or too little, just the right amount of everything)


so I never really got into watching OTS unless I was watching it with my friend, but I’m seeing screenshots from today’s episode on my dash, and considering last weeks episode, like. is OTS secretly ‘who can be the most gay with jon’. or like. a place for the exhibitionists in RT to undress live on cam. OTS is making me ship so many rarepairs what is going on.

“who can be the most gay with jon” that’s it that’s the show

replied to your post
“the geoff shirts are made from the softest most comfortable material…”

i just ordered one i’m so excited

they’re so comfortable like the second i put it on it became my favorite shirt. even right out of the package it’s soft like my favorite worn-in (holey as hell) shirt. when i get some money to spend on clothes im buying a million of those shirts which really says something bcos i never shop at american apparel

what is the “tracer”? i don’t usually watch the patch, and i haven’t heard about this tracer

there’s a character in overwatch (a blizzard game) named tracer and blizzard took a victory pose with a butt shot out of the game bcos somebody made a post abt it in the beta forums (which is the literal point of beta forums) and a bunch of whiny gamer dudebros threw a shitfit and have made it a huge goddamn deal bcos blizzard isn’t apparently allowed to change things in their game (that they were apparently already considering removing) if a bunch of pissbabies don’t like it

i think the thing i hate most abt meg and ashley’s bullshit is how they keep bringing up those photoshops an anti-ED campaign made a while back and then they go “this is unrealistic no professional fighter/athlete/whatever would have this kind of body” (and then their ????? “what are you saying fat women can’t be sexy looks like you’re the real sexists” bs from the know video)

but like. idk if theyre being willfully ignorant but??? do they not realize that the vast majority of athletes don’t look like video game characters?? like male power fantasies and sexual objectification aren’t realistic and i want to throttle them for acting like adding a couple pounds to lara goddamn croft is what’s making her “unrealistic”