Autistic!Michael who loves the sound of rain, and since they never do heists when it rains he can just lay in bed and listen all day



Being a bit of a wimp and taking advantage of your lovely followers but could I have some fluffy headcanons tonight? I’m in the UK and it’s bedtime but my partner’s away and I hate going to bed in an empty house, my brain keeps reminding me of ever horror film I’ve ever watched. Can I have some warm and fuzzies to distract me until I can get to sleep? Thanks Nick, you’re a star x


(sorry i just saw this i hope you’re still awake)

for the anon asking about raised by creepers Gav: there isn’t really one I know of that’s specifically that, but there’s a really cool fic called Sparks by NoNameWriter that puts a different spin on Minecraft au and the lore, and Gavin’s like, half “creeper” and half human in that so close enough maybe? I love it and anon (and other people) should absolutely check it out (it’s mavin though in case people aren’t into that)


replied to your post
“so this is a long shot but… if i were to ever stream what kind of…”

You talk a lot about Destiny so maybe that? You seem to enjoy it so that’d be cool �� failing that – Minecraft?

my only problem abt streaming destiny is that while i enjoy it a lot, im not very good at it. not bad enough for ppl to watch it like they watch ah play destiny, but not good enough to do raids or flawless trials runs (which is all a lot of destiny streamers do at this point). maybe it could be fun to watch me bumble around as a hunter bcos i still have quests to do there

and i need to get minecraft for ps4! i keep meaning to and forgetting abt it