“What does my wife look like? She’s pretty…I’m quite fond of her.”

He’s gonna kill me with how much he loves his family someday help.



ive been seeing it more and more so i would like to take the time to say maintagging shippy/rhappy stuff, especially nsfw stuff, probably isnt the best idea in the world. people who dont want to see that stuff – sometimes fans, sometimes the people involved – are gonna be seein it if theyre in the tag/search

and even if you dont tag it but still mention the full word/name without breaking up the word itll probably show up, cause tumblrs got its awful search function nowadays. doesnt matter if anything comes before it either, if the full thing is there itll likely show up

PSA For Those Going to RTX


– Don’t ask about Shane or the letter
– Don’t ask about Shane or the letter
– Seriously DO NOT ask about Shane or the letter.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me explain why.

They won’t answer. They won’t. They chose not to comment at the time, and they will continue to do so (and rightfully so because NDAs are y’know legally binding). YOU WILL NOT GET AN ANSWER JUST BECAUSE THERE IS A CROWD.

Secondly. You’ll ruin the panel for everyone there. EVERYONE. Not just the people on stage, but the crowd. It will completely kill the mood and remove the fun from the panel. People have spent a lot or money on this convention. Don’t be a dick and ruin it for them because you want to accuse people. It’s just going to be awkward for everyone involved.

Third. Guardians. They literally have security for the event and individual staff to deal with trouble makers. If you are bringing up conflicts, accusing staff members and, most importantly, getting angry/aggressive over it YOU WILL BE THROWN OUT. Because you are causing trouble.

Fourth. It’s just a very shitty thing to do. We don’t have the details. We never will. At best it’s he said she said. There is nothing to gain from dragging this out and bringing it up. Don’t do it.

To conclude. Don’t be a dick. Don’t ruin people’s fun. Try to have a fun con!