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Weekend stream! I’ll be streaming some Destiny tonight at 6:30pm (EST). hope to see you there!

punkfairyprinxe – Twitch


hey my dude, im rlly sore from running 2 miles out of the blue, so lets get a silly lil jeremy (w/ either ocd or asd, they share this symptom projection) who just keeps running because, no, that lap doesn’t Feel Right, that lap was Wrong, so he just keeps trying to run laps trying to run it perfectly and he accidently runs 2 much. like he meant to do a casual mile jog and he ended up doing like 3 sprinting. the poor boi. (rip @me i did this yesterday)


Geovin 87?


87. size kink/size queen

(with trans man gavin bc whyever not?) also i realize that this isn’t size kink exactly? Which is strange for such a size kink person i am but -shrugs-

wordcount: 420 (no, literally)

warnings: sexual content, barebacking, lack of monsters

“How big you reckon Ryan’s dick is?”

Geoff stopped right where he was at Gavin’s lower stomach, “Who are you having sex with again?”

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