The Realization of Self – Ch. 13


Author’s note: Holy fuck



The world cuts in and out in faded shades, a kaleidoscope that spins and confuses and drags him down, down, down. Words pierce the dark, muffled and far away, whispers for all the good they do for him. He’s pretty sure someone’s shouting, multiple people maybe? The colors spin and blur and he’s moving but not moving, flat on his back and choking for air. It’s all too much and he’s under again.

“C’mon asshole, Lil J’s never gonna forgive me if you die here.”

There’s someone holding his hand, squeezing softly before letting go. It drags him up above the crashing waves of pain and confusion and he almost manages to speak, but then another hand rests over his eyes, blocks out the swirling colors. Something pricks his veins, curls through his blood, filling his head and making them all disappear into emptiness.

“He’ll live, mostly.”

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