Eleven Little Roosters icons

I’ve made an icon page here as Tumblr won’t let me put them all in one post individually



shit ik u have that retired vagabond on the brain but i have werewolf jeremwood on the brain. what do u think abt ryan sheepishly asking jeremy to knot him y/y? and jeremy’s like okay, but it will probably hurt, and ryan’s like oh gOD YES. and when it gets down to it, ryan loves how the knot feels pressing against him, and eventually ry asks lil j to stretch him and fuck him with the knot

g o d

I fuckingn lovveeeee retired vagabond, I know in one of the asks it implies that they staged a vagabond death but I can’t help but think of the angst of if someone kidnaps him? Like rival crew breaks into the pent house and finds Ryan with a cold calm running into the problems his retirement was meant to avoid and they take him either because he’s in the Fakes penthouse he’s got to /mean/ something or they know his identity?

oh nooooo