is it just me or when AH does a multicam stream i just stay on jeremy’s cam the whole time bc i love him and he deserves the world (and maybe later i’ll go through the archives and look through other cams)

i stay on either jeremy’s or ryan’s bcos i know what im about


I was rewatching theater mode and I can’t remember what episode but Ryan came on screen during the movie and knelt down to offer the guys kolaches (however you spell it) and I was like… Sub Ryan.

i can’t remember the exact ep either but i know exactly what ur talking about and he’s such a sub it’s ridiculous


You’re kidding yourself if you think the FAHC would be any less giddily excited than the members of AH if they got their hands on a shiny new ridiculous battle axe. Sure, their test subjects would be less fruits than living, breathing, pleading involuntary volunteers, but the childish glee is exactly the same.

They gather in a warehouse, everyone catching and bringing along their own little problem to play with, easily combining the satisfaction of burning curiosity with the tedious chore of taking out a handful of crooks who’d overstepped their place. Spring cleaning is always more enjoyable when you make a game of it.

Not that there’s anything clean about that day, the warehouse ends up about as messy as you’d expect, messier even – the Fake’s are nothing if not horrifically creative. There are cruel experiments and heartless dares, flashy tricks chased by thunderous applause to drown out the unfortunate sound of screaming.

Between Jack testing the sharpness of the blade by letting the weapon drop powered only by gravity, the Lads egging each other into increasingly reckless swings, Ryan whirling the axe around like he was practising for war and Geoff’s relentlessly chortling delight, it is a day of fun for all the family to enjoy.

Perhaps most surprisingly of all,  despite all expectations to the contrary, not a single member of the crew slips and chops off their own fingers. A success story if ever there was one.