Ryan doesn’t like being alone anymore. Maybe in the past he did, maybe he pretended even now he did. But when it’s cold outside and the wind and the rain is howling against the penthouse and it’s dark as hell and he can’t sleep so he’s sitting on the couch with his head in his hands trying to keep the memories away. And the others eventually come out of their rooms and hold him and whisper in his ear and he finally loosens and the sound of the rain is ignored for the sound of their love.


yyeesssss all the Ryan love

It’s Jeremy who finds him first. Jeremy’s practically got this second sense for when one of them are missing from their bed and with the storm raging on, he’s not really getting any sleeping anytime soon. So he pads into the living room, finding Ryan on the couch. He doesn’t say anything. Just makes enough noise to not startle him and then sits besides him on the couch. They lean against each other, just settling in each other’s warmth. Jeremy wraps his arms around him, kisses gently on his head. Jeremy knows what it’s like to be on his own after all, knows how the feeling of being alone now stings even more because they were once. They sit in quiet in the storm, just pressing close.

Jack comes out next, no doubt having notice Jeremy slip out and not come back. She sighs as she notices the two on the couch. She grabs a spare blanket and then joins them, sitting on Ryan’s other side as she drapes the blanket over all three of them. She quietly asks if they’re both alright, if they need anything. They don’t so she stays, wrapping her arms around both of them, pressing gently kisses to Ryan’s hair.

The others all join at some point, curious as to where the others were disappearing to and then immediately wanting to join the cuddle pile going. It’s obvious who it’s centered around and each of them is sure to press a kiss to Ryan’s head, whisper about how much they care. And it’s all just gentle reminders that Ryan’s not alone. Not anymore. He has people who care very deeply for him who will make sure he never has to feel like or be like how he was before them.


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