two men kissing is not inappropriate. two men kissing is not sinful. two men kissing is not wrong. stop sending the same message to young gay kids that their homophobic parents send them. stop regurgitating homophobic rhetoric as wacky tumblr slang. stop telling us we are wrong for loving men. stop telling us we are sinners for having sex with men. we’re not wrong. the fact that people think it’s cute and quirky to call two fictional men kissing sinful is horrific, and every single one of you who continues to do it should be deeply, deeply ashamed of yourselves.

I mean, I’m a gay man, and I call literally everything “sinful” as a joke.

Holding hands? Sin.

Kissing? Sin.

Merely glancing at one another? The greatest sin of all.

No matter if it’s a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, or a man and a woman, I will jokingly call it sinful.

And, yeah, before anyone asks, I grew up in southeast Texas, in an extremely Christian, extremely bigoted environment. My mother calls LGBT+ folk “queers” and “trannies.” My aunt’s even worse, I’ve heard her use “faggot” before, spat in a voice so venomous that I feared for my damn life. I’ve been forced back into the closet twice now due to their shitty fucking reactions to me being trans and gay.

I know what actually being told that my sexuality is a sin is like, and it’s nowhere near the same as some gay guy on tumblr jokingly saying, “Ha, ha, holding hands is sinful.”

If you’re talking about some different kind of phenomenon that isn’t mostly LGBT+ folk joking around, ayt, I got you, I didn’t have all the proper context, forgive me. But if you’re salty about me having a laugh with my pals and trying not to crumble under the terrible weight of being trapped in a literal homophobic, transphobic nightmare, you maybe need to chill.

this is probably months old since i’ve had notifications for this hell post blocked for forever but

1) holy shit don’t put uncensored slurs on other people’s posts, i don’t give a fuck if you can reclaim them they make me super fucking uncomfortable to see so maybe don’t do that

2) this post was made after i saw a straight girl draw art of two men holding hands and talk about how sinful it was so yeah, maybe chill and not go off on someone (and again, throw slurs around when you have no idea what their relationship is with those slurs!) when you don’t have proper context

[pls don’t reblog unless you’re the person i’m responding to]

eta: actually jsyk im blocking u bcos that whole reply made me incredibly uncomfortable and i was going to give u time to like, apologize but actually no i dont want u touching this post anymore or interacting with me, sorry


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