i love all the headcanons with ryan with dyed hair (usually from blonde to black) especially because i get a lot of joy in considering that ryan probably does his first couple dye jobs himself and it goes horrifically

and so maybe after a heist everybody’s split up looking for places to hide because the streets are crawling with cops, and ryan ducks into a random building and comes face to face with a tiny, annoyed looking girl with her hands on her hips who doesn’t care that she’s standing in front of a huge, menacing, blood-spattered dude wearing a skull mask, and she’s like, “if you’re not here for business, you gotta get out.”

and ryan’s like, “look, i just need to hang here for a few minutes–”

“if you’re not buying anything, you better get out of my salon.”

and finally ryan sighs heavily through his nose and pulls his skull mask off to try to reason with the girl, except the girl takes one look at his shitty dye job and split ends and blood matted hair and is like, “what the fuck did you do to yourself”

and now ryan’s sort of sheepish, “it’s not– c’mon, it’s not that bad–” except the girl is already shepherding him into a chair and pulling a brush through his hair.

poor ryan is wincing and flinching and swearing until the girl snaps, “stop being a baby,” and he huffs but obediently stays still, and his scalp hurts like a mf once she’s done but he allows her to lead him to a shampooing station and she’s massaging his scalp and, well. actually, this is kind of nice.

the others in the crew finally manage to track him down and burst into the salon to find ryan with foil in his hair chatting idly with the girl and ryan has zero shame.

his hair looks amazing when it’s done, for the record


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