so. turns out that tumblr’s changing how blogs marked as nsfw work, and they’ll soon only be available to those who are logged in, which seems to mean that they’ll be sidebar-popup only. this blog is marked as nsfw. if that’s true, idk what i’m going to do here because the popup sidebar does not allow readmores. we’ll have to see.

tbh if that’s true there’s a good possibility im moving blogs if not accounts. again, we’ll have to see, but i enjoy being able to see my blog. plus i have a hell of a lot of writing to rescue.

i’ll see about getting this blog unflagged which would mean a change in how nsfw things are handled but let’s hope.

welp I got confirmation from support that nsfw-flagged blogs will only be viewable through the sidebar. time to appeal that nsfw flag, and in the meantime save all my writing that’s not on ao3.

tagging @satansprettyprose since we’d been talking about it last night


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