Nick listen I’m working on a jeremwood “first time” fic I don’t know when it’ll be done but expect some porn with some feelings bud.



Can it be projection time? Because I love to project onto Jeremy. Lil J who’s never had a single person stick around, hasn’t had a genuinely good friend who cared about him, is so used to people treating him like shit and abandoning him that when he joins the crew he doesn’t expect it to be permanent. He thinks they’ll eventually get tired of him, kick him to the curb. There’s something wrong with him that makes people leave, after all (1/2)

(2/2) but as time goes by, they don’t get rid of him. Even when he messes up, or breaks soemthing, or ruins something, they still keep him around. And they’re kind and caring and actually want to get to know him and love him and when he finally realizes that this is a real thing, that they want him around, that he gets to stay and be loved and happy. And it’s hard but they help him, give him a place to be himself, give him a home


chloe projects timeā„¢: jeremy with ehlers danlos and a random resting tremor in his arm that makes shooting almost impossible on some days but hey at least it warns him that a panic attack is On Its Way and he needs to Be More Chill, and sometimes michael and gavin will sit down with him and massage out the Achey Bits especially after a tense heist so jeremy has a chance of actually being able to get out of bed the following day


Ryan and Jeremy having a problem with bingeing any available food because they spent most of their lives without enough to eat, having to fight for every scrap, never sure when the next time they’d be able to eat would be. It takes a long time and a lot of work, but after they join the crew, they eventually get used to the idea of //having food// and learn to control their eating habits

Also time to project: Jeremy who grew up in a house with enough food but still has weird eating habits because even though there was food, he was never sure what he was //allowed// to eat. Sometimes he would get yelled at or hit for eating certain things, so he’s always been very careful about what he picks. Something has to be in the house for at least a month before he can risk eating it, and usually you’ll find him eating an entire box of mashed potatoes as a meal at 3am because he has the habit of hiding when he eats in the hopes no one will notice the missing food.


Jack and Matt have similar food issues, and, despite being for slightly different reasons, both rely on eating similar things. Ryan and Jeremy also have similar problems, prone to binging whatever food is put in front of them. Geoff and Gavin don’t really have the same patterns or degree of disorder that Trevor has, but are familiar with being too busy to eat or just not wanting to. They’re all there for each other.