chloe projects timeā„¢: jeremy with ehlers danlos and a random resting tremor in his arm that makes shooting almost impossible on some days but hey at least it warns him that a panic attack is On Its Way and he needs to Be More Chill, and sometimes michael and gavin will sit down with him and massage out the Achey Bits especially after a tense heist so jeremy has a chance of actually being able to get out of bed the following day



Also to add onto the Deaf Jeremwood, Ryan doesn’t tolerate people being dicks about it, not signing or at the absolute very least facing Jeremy while talking, but when Gavin ADHD sometimes genuinely just forgets Ryan just gives him a nudge, or Michael with arthritis where Ryan will interpret for him, or Geoff whose hands sometimes shake too badly to sign very well.


Ryan who early in his career took a bad hit to his throat which permanently damaged his vocal cords rendering him almost entirely mute. It actually legitimately hurts him to try and talk. He found the whole silence thing added to the mystery of the vagabond. It wasn’t until he saw Jeremy signing to someone over a video call that he was able to explain to the crew with Lil j as a translator that’s why he doesn’t talk.


michael has missing fingers from the shrapnel of a bomb that went off and he covered his face so he didn’t go blind. his right hand is missing his index and pinkie fingers. the guys make ‘the Claw’ jokes at him all the time & he had to take time to learn how to write/throw with his left and OPEN JARS JESUS, & his middle finger is his trigger finger. The crew helped him a lot with his physical therapy, especially gavin, who was there when it happened. Sometimes Gav will paint his nails black/gold