i love all the headcanons with ryan with dyed hair (usually from blonde to black) especially because i get a lot of joy in considering that ryan probably does his first couple dye jobs himself and it goes horrifically

and so maybe after a heist everybody’s split up looking for places to hide because the streets are crawling with cops, and ryan ducks into a random building and comes face to face with a tiny, annoyed looking girl with her hands on her hips who doesn’t care that she’s standing in front of a huge, menacing, blood-spattered dude wearing a skull mask, and she’s like, “if you’re not here for business, you gotta get out.”

and ryan’s like, “look, i just need to hang here for a few minutes–”

“if you’re not buying anything, you better get out of my salon.”

and finally ryan sighs heavily through his nose and pulls his skull mask off to try to reason with the girl, except the girl takes one look at his shitty dye job and split ends and blood matted hair and is like, “what the fuck did you do to yourself”

and now ryan’s sort of sheepish, “it’s not– c’mon, it’s not that bad–” except the girl is already shepherding him into a chair and pulling a brush through his hair.

poor ryan is wincing and flinching and swearing until the girl snaps, “stop being a baby,” and he huffs but obediently stays still, and his scalp hurts like a mf once she’s done but he allows her to lead him to a shampooing station and she’s massaging his scalp and, well. actually, this is kind of nice.

the others in the crew finally manage to track him down and burst into the salon to find ryan with foil in his hair chatting idly with the girl and ryan has zero shame.

his hair looks amazing when it’s done, for the record

Ryan doesn’t like being alone anymore. Maybe in the past he did, maybe he pretended even now he did. But when it’s cold outside and the wind and the rain is howling against the penthouse and it’s dark as hell and he can’t sleep so he’s sitting on the couch with his head in his hands trying to keep the memories away. And the others eventually come out of their rooms and hold him and whisper in his ear and he finally loosens and the sound of the rain is ignored for the sound of their love.


yyeesssss all the Ryan love

It’s Jeremy who finds him first. Jeremy’s practically got this second sense for when one of them are missing from their bed and with the storm raging on, he’s not really getting any sleeping anytime soon. So he pads into the living room, finding Ryan on the couch. He doesn’t say anything. Just makes enough noise to not startle him and then sits besides him on the couch. They lean against each other, just settling in each other’s warmth. Jeremy wraps his arms around him, kisses gently on his head. Jeremy knows what it’s like to be on his own after all, knows how the feeling of being alone now stings even more because they were once. They sit in quiet in the storm, just pressing close.

Jack comes out next, no doubt having notice Jeremy slip out and not come back. She sighs as she notices the two on the couch. She grabs a spare blanket and then joins them, sitting on Ryan’s other side as she drapes the blanket over all three of them. She quietly asks if they’re both alright, if they need anything. They don’t so she stays, wrapping her arms around both of them, pressing gently kisses to Ryan’s hair.

The others all join at some point, curious as to where the others were disappearing to and then immediately wanting to join the cuddle pile going. It’s obvious who it’s centered around and each of them is sure to press a kiss to Ryan’s head, whisper about how much they care. And it’s all just gentle reminders that Ryan’s not alone. Not anymore. He has people who care very deeply for him who will make sure he never has to feel like or be like how he was before them.

1/2 i saw the ask you answered abt jeremy being afraid of thunderstorms and… i have this headcanon (stemming from ryan’s weird and wild irl past) that fahc ryan just. has the worst luck with storms. tornadoes, hurricanes, terrible thunderstorms, you name it he’s almost died in it. including getting struck by lightning once, which left its mark in some extensive scarring and some neurological issues — and also what he calls a healthy wariness of storms (and what the others call panic attacks)


2/2 so battle buddies with their completely rational fears of thunderstorms bonding over their shared jumpiness at the first crack of thunder, hanging out together in the penthouse during bad ones, helping each other over their fears —ryanthepowerbottomguy

I’m so here for this. I spend too much time on Ryan’s streams so I know quite a lot about Ryan’s real life messed up past and I’d imagine his bad luck with storms carries over into the FAHC.

I just sort of think FAHC Ryan doesn’t really like loud noises. He tolerates them, based on his job, but loud crashes aren’t something he finds comforting like, say, Michael would. He thinks they’re disorienting and frightening. Except, he’s good at hiding them.

The others would have asked about his lightning scars, among others, but despite loving them he’s pretty clammed up about parts of his past (and really how would he explain an accidental lightning strike?). 

The thing with Ryan is that he shows fear by closing up and getting really guarded. So the others, especially at first, don’t realize he doesn’t like thunderstorms. They just think the Vagabond is being his usual self – cold and stoic – and they don’t push despite what he really wants is comfort and affection and distraction. Later on, after they become a couple and start to understand Ryan’s inability to vocalize his distress, they bully him into affection that eventually gets him to open up and come to them when he’s scared.

But he doesn’t admit he’s scared of storms until Jeremy comes around. Jeremy’s presence – among hundreds of other bright spots in their life – validates his fear. Ryan notices Jeremy’s fear almost as soon as he feels his own, the very first thunderstorm they have when they’re in the same space. He offers comfort in the best way he knows – a video game controller and a distraction. 

Eventually its easy to just …. slide into that warmth and affection together. It’s not uncommon to see Jeremy and Ryan basically on top of each other in bed during a thunderstorm – they cling to each other while doing other things, Jeremy gaming on a DS or on his laptop, Ryan reading, cuddled together with headphones, ignoring the storm. Offering each other wordless comfort. 

On a job its harder, but they watch each other’s back. They’re attuned to the panic of the other now, knows when it’s going to happen. Can wait for it and help if it grows bad enough to potentially compromise the mission.

The battle buddies are a force to be reckoned with, when they work together. When they conquer their fear, they’re stronger than ever.