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so @gaywood was talking abt soft freewood + a dog a few days ago and naturally i pulled up some of my Favourite Stock Images cuz thats what i do. and of course just had to redraw some of them because gosh


listen i saw plenty of things about the freewood proposal but what about the wedding. is it gaudy. traditional. do they just say fuck it and run off and get hitched. are there issues with the immigration papers. do they argue about whether gavin wants to be a citizen or a permanent resident. whos in the wedding party. who officiates. whos invited. whos NOT invited. do they wear matching suits or is it a whole thing of trying to find classy but different styles. who gets drunk at the reception.

freewood, quiet me


thank u holo i love u a lot. i hope this is ok!

The final scenes of the movie are heartbreaking, that’s undeniable. The movie had been a rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish, and it would’ve been natural to feel the smallest amount of heartbreak.

Unless you were Ryan Haywood, who is currently honest-to-God sobbing next to Gavin. Their dog had long abandoned them, so Ryan had made the excuse to lean onto Gavin and then proceed to wet the shoulder of his shirt with tears.

“Rye?” Gavin coaxes, and while, yeah, his voice is wavering slightly, he isn’t about to go Geoff-at-the-end-of-Titanic sobbing. Which is exactly the territory Ryan is heading to. A big, broken mess of a man. “Aw, love, up we get…”

Gavin wraps his arm around Ryan’s shoulders to help him up. Apparently that was a bad decision, as Ryan shudders and more tears spread over Gavin’s neck and shoulder. “Why’d they have to do that, Gav?” He sounds so small, it’s so unlike the Ryan Gavin knows outside of their home, outside of their family. “Why’d they hurt the dog? And the kids?”

Gavin shifts them both to a complete sitting position, and Ryan sniffles, looking at his lap. He looks incredibly out of character, honestly. His face is flushed even under the dark light of the television screen, and his cheeks are wet and streaked.

“They did it because they’re evil, love,” Gavin cups his cheek, and Ryan leans into his touch immediately. “And they made is specifically to get you to cry your eyes out like that.”

“Don’t be a prick,” Ryan mutters, though he does have the shadow of a smile on his lips. He sniffles again, and then sighs. “Why’d we watch this shit?”

“It was our night! We finally got the kids to bed early,” Gavin is cut off for a moment by Ryan’s extended sigh of relief. “So I just turned on whatever was on cable.

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Rye and Gav cuddling on the rare vacation day, Gav willingly turning his tech off (except maybe one emergency cell) and climbing under mounds of blankets with Rye on the huge couch they share. Gav sleepily rubbing circles into Ryes achy joints and both of them just sharing warmth while some nonsense show plays almost soundlessly in the background. Rye studying Gavs hair and eyes and face committing it all to memory so this day will last forever


I don’t know how many I’ve sent of these but prompt: rewatching old heist videos today and I just got to the part where Gavin asks ryan if he wants to dress up in suits and go buy some art and ryan is just Sure!! I need to buy a suit but… Sure!! Imagine gta ryan taking Gavin out to a fancy art dealership dressed all fancy as a date and wooing Gavin thoroughly


not sure this is quite what you had in mind but listen

Word count: 2.7k
Pairing: freewood
Summary: Gavin and Ryan dress up in suits and go to an art gallery. 
Rating: T

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GTA V – Deadline 2: Thin Dead Line

*Michael and Gavin discussing Gavin’s visa*
Michael: How many times have you brought this up? Every year or two you’re like ‘Oh, I’m leaving’
Gavin: Funny enough, when you get one year visas, you have to do it every year!
Michael: Then just do it every year!
Michael: Then you’re not gonna get deported!
Gavin: I mean, I don’t have the decision yet…
Ryan: Gavin… let’s fix this problem right now
Ryan: Will you marry me?
Gavin: …what
Michael: You can’t, Ryan.
Ryan: I mean, can we not in this state? I don’t know
Michael: It’s not so much the gay marriage, more that you’re already married