Man I love Theater Mode

Jeremy: “I’ve also only eaten out women so I can understand this guy”

Geoff: “You’re a fuckin’ liar though. We all know what goes on at art college”

Jeremy: “Dude I wish”



Geoff’s favorite part of Let’s Play Live (East Coast Tour)

“I wanna change my answer. I just remembered something that was way cooler…”

“Not murder in Tampa?” (Jack)

“No. I was on the bus one day, early on, and uhh – this is gonna be
sappy – and uh, I was in the back, and there was commotion going on up front,
and I walked up and I said ‘What are you guys doing?’ and you guys were fucking
around with TVs and laptops and you guys go: ‘Oh, we’re gonna film a video, we’re
gonna make some Let’s Plays.’ and I was like ‘What?’ and you were like, ‘Yeah,
we’re gonna make – we’re gonna play Party Hard 2, the alpha’ and I watched you guys spend
like 30 minutes figuring out how to fuckin’ film Let’s Plays on the bus while
we were working there. And that was
very cool. I was – and I hate that word – but I was very proud of you guys.”

Off Topic #75 (1:14:32)

the signs as shit geoff ramsey has said.


aries: my throat is in my asshole right now.

taurus: i feel like i’m faster than jesus.

gemini: my life is a series of dumb choices.

cancer: everybody but me is an asshole.

leo: don’t go to college.

virgo: all things considered, this is going pretty badly.

libra: i was doing sex stuff the other night, and i was dehydrated, so my jizz was like a thick paste.

scorpio: i have a lot of shit to say and nothing i want to hear.

sagittarius: i’m starting in anus place.

capricorn: i hope they don’t touch my butt while i’m awake.

aquarius: speaking of hard, my dick.

pisces: it’s a punk rock thing. it’s kind of hard to explain.