ohhhhhhh boy its time for some commissions!! 

all commissions are in Canadian Dollars (CAD) (here’s a currency converterand through PayPal Invoice (here’s how invoice works, ill help you out if youre unsure tho, no worries!) 

ill have 5 slots open which will be displayed in my sidebar/blog description

PLEASE give me a reference to draw your thing! i can work off of a series of google image results if thats all you have 

shoot me a DM on here to see about a commission, or if you have any questions! you can also email me at devil.commissions(@)

but also!

if you donate to my B @gaywood​‘s youcaring and send me proof of donation, ill draw you a lil thing like this: 


(this would be if you only have a lil money and want a draw – if you want a full commission but wanna donate the commission price to him then pls message me so we can work that out!) 

thank u ~