I remember a time before I started watching achievement hunter. A time when my life was Gavin free




rating: T for nonexplicit violence and temporary character death
relationship: jeremwood
words: 1144

Jeremy was gone.

Ryan trudged into the penthouse behind the others, feet carrying him automatically past them all. Someone tried to reach out to him, but he flinched away and kept walking. His mask fell from his numb fingers and he left it where it landed.

They didn’t even have a body to bury; he’d been burned away completely. There hadn’t even been ash.

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RTX and Austin Tips



Hey y’all. With RTX 2017 around the corner, I figured I would write up one of these. I know a bunch of these lists float around on here but I thought I’d offer a few less-common tips as an Austin resident and seasoned veteran of RTX.

    • Panels – I know y’all hear this over and over again but I cannot stress enough that you WILL NOT get to see every panel you want to. Pick two-three per day you want to see and leave at least three hours between the end of one panel and the beginning of another to factor in travel time (RTX has three venues now!) and wait time.
    • Lines – Panels usually line up one hour to two hours ahead of time. If you get to a panel area before then, a guardian will most likely kick you out or make you go outside. The bigger the panel (meaning the bigger the space/the more popular the panelists), the earlier it will line up.
    • RTX App – The updated app usually comes out two-three weeks before the convention. The app is your friend. It has maps, schedules, FAQ, and will constantly update on lines and line closings.
    • Guardians – These guys have the right to strip your badge at any time. Do not fuck with them. They are volunteering their weekend to make sure everything runs safely and smoothly. Treat them with respect and you’ll have a great time. Fuck with them and you will lose your badge and will not get a refund.
    • Convention floor – I know y’all want to do panels panels and more panels. But I URGE y’all to spend a solid few hours on the convention floor. ESPECIALLY with the indie game developers. I spent three hours last year trying out games with friends and it was SO FUN. And getting to play a video game while talking to its developers is really fucking cool. Also PS: I will be working the Sidequest booth (more on that later) on the convention floor so come say hi!
    • Alcohol – You can drink on the convention floor! In fact, they sell alcohol there! But, you cannot consume alcohol in the other venues (JW Marriot and Hilton). It’s just their policy.
    • Sidequest: Do yourselves a favor and pick up a badge for Sidequest Community Weekend. It’s easily my favorite part of RTX. Sidequest is a charity organization founded by RT community members back in 2011 and since then has become a 501 ©3 public charity and has raised thousands of dollars for several charities including Operation Supply Drop and Child’s Play. Plus, RT staff do have a tendency to pop up at SQ events so you may get to meet an RT personality who may be too busy during the actual convention. There are several events throughout the community weekend including:
      • Charity Gala and Silent Auction (Thursday July 6th)- Everyone gets dressed up all fancy and bids on RT themed props & art donated by the community. It’s the highlight of my year. This year it’s being held at the Four Seasons, around the corner from the convention center.
      • Barlympics (Saturday July 8th) – It’s exactly what it sounds like. SQ rents out the entire upper floor of Buffalo Billiards on 6th Street for the night. Everyone competes to score points for their assigned team by playing video games, foosball, air hockey, or just buying drinks! So so so SO much fun. (Only for those 18 & up)
      • RTX After Party (Sunday July 9th) – This time SQ rents out BOTH floors of Buffalo Billiards to celebrate a great RTX. You don’t need a SQ badge to get into this event, but having a SQ badge grants you access to the upper floor lounge. (Also 18 & up)
      • Farewell Party at Pinballz Arcade (Monday July 10th) – If you are still in the city, you can come to one last hurrah at Pinballz arcade. Pinballz has TONS of arcade games plus video game cabinets to play with. And SQ will be having a special deal on tokens to play!
    • Ride-sharing: Uber and Lyft left Austin back in early 2016, so we don’t have their services in our city. But, a few ridesharing companies have popped up since. My favorite is Fasten, but there is also Fare, RideAustin, and GetMe. All run about the same price-wise and you can usually find promo codes for them with a quick Google search.
    • Places to eat: Austin has amazing food all-around. There are a lot of great places within walking distance of the convention center. However, if you have access to a car or are willing to snag a rideshare, here are some places that aren’t quite downtown that have awesome food:
      • Kerbey Lane – awesome pancakes, amazing queso, and the best chicken fried steak I’ve ever had. The closest location is either the original location or the one on South Lamar (which is open 24 hours!!)
      • Torchy’s Tacos – Y’all have probably heard RT folk talk about Torchy’s before. And it’s because it’s the best. Check out the trailer park location on south 1st. Fun fact: if you ask to get your taco “trashy” they put their amazing queso ON your taco. It’ll change your life.
      • Rudy’s BBQ – easily the best BBQ in Austin. If it’s your first time going, make sure to let the workers know 😉
      • Michi Ramen – The best ramen chain in Austin. Lots of options! The closest location is probably the South Lamar location.
      • Chi’Lantro – Two words: KIMCHI FRIES. It’s Korean BBQ meets Chipotle-style fast food. Fun fact: the founder was actually on Shark Tank last year!
    • Things to Do: Austin is a very cool town. Here are some activities to check out if you have free time!
      • The Escape Game Austin – Escape rooms have gotten super popular recently. TEGA is easily the best one in town.
      • Barton Springs – Texas + July = very hot. Cool off by going swimming in a natural spring pool!
      • Top Golf – Whack some balls, score some points, eat good food, and have fun with friends. It’s way up north, but totally worth the trip.
      • 6th Street – If you’re over 21 and enjoy bars, then you’ll love Dirty 6th. It’s a very short walk from the convention center. (My personal favorite bar is Shakespeare’s, they have the best drink specials!)
      • The Domain – An outdoor shopping mall in North Austin! Tons of awesome stores, restaurants, bars, and cool stuff to check out.

That’s all I got! My aim was to include some stuff that I don’t usually see on most RTX tips lists. Hope y’all have a fun RTX and a great time in my city (:


Reblogging myself since we’re getting closer to the convention.

Also Uber and Lyft are back in Austin! But I still encourage y’all to use the smaller rideshare companies (especially because Uber is sketch AF).