gta ramwood where geoff cant believe that the big bad vagabond of los santos is a cuddler with praise kink



ok consider that one post that’s going around (abt a woman who gets a fake girlfriend to get back at her former classmates bcos of the homophobic bullshit she put up with in school) but like. with Geoff and Ryan. Ryan is the one to do it and he picks Geoff bcos Geoff has tattoos and piercings and looks both more gay and more disreputable than Ryan himself does (which is a shame bcos Ryan is both v gay and v disreputable). and they end up spending a lot of time together and oh no Ryan realizes he’s starting to actually fall for his fake boyfriend oh no oh no and Geoff is having the same realization and there’s lots of pining before they get their shit together

ok prompt idea if you need one to fill. since you mentioned your love of ramwood, maybe a quiet ramwood moment? like the two laying low, avoiding cops after a heist. the others are ok and they know it. but its just the two of them, held down wherever they are. probably really close, maybe in each other’s arms


It’s been a while but I have time for filling out prompts now. And I hope this makes you feel better about your exam, lovely!

The alley is dirty – that’s the first thing Ryan can focus on. It’s grimy. Geoff’s not going to want to get all this filth on his suit. Glancing over his shoulder at Ramsey, he watches as the man finishes peering around the corner before he lowers his gun and moves back into the alleyway with Ryan. 

“We’re good,” Geoff commented gruffly, wiping his hands on his suit and scowling. Blood smears there and he looks affronted at the very possibility that he would have to get a new heist suit. This one was his best, after all.

“Good,” Ryan replies quietly, sinking down into the grime and leaning back against the wall. His face is tinged with the beginning of bruises – nasty hand-to-hand combat with big-ass brutes wasn’t exactly his idea of a good time. Geoff can’t help but wince at the sight, squatting down next to him. “Jack should be here soon,” he murmured, brushing a piece of bloodstained blond hair back from Ryan’s face. 

“Mmhmm,” Ryan hummed, kind of leaning into the touch a bit. “…remind me to ask Michael to review the ins and outs of filthy street brawling.”

Geoff chuckled, shuffling in his squat a bit before deciding to just sit down next to him. “They really did manage to smack you around a bit there, didn’t they?”

Ryan opened one lazy eye to glare at Geoff. “Rude.”

“Just telling it how I see it,” he smirked. “I thought I brought the Vagabond along to … what was it? ‘Bathe in the blood of my enemies’? Instead you just got your shit pushed in.”

“I killed them, thanks so much,” Ryan replied sardonically. He shifted, lead lolling to the side, landing somewhat on Geoff’s shoulder. Freezing, Geoff glanced at him, but Ryan’s eyes were already drooping closed. Geoff shook Ryan slightly, panic spiking. “Whoa there, Haywood, you may have a concussion. Don’t sleep yet.”

“…dun’ have a concussion,” Ryan mumbled sleepily. “I know a concussion. Don’t have one. Just … tired.” Geoff shrugged, figuring Ryan knew better than he did about symptoms of his own body. He’d wake the other up in ten or fifteen minutes anyways when Jack arrived to pick them up from their failed meeting. Shifting slightly, he adjusted so Ryan was cuddled against him, head tucked up under his chin. 

Geoff’s hand rubbed Ryan’s back slightly and Ryan just let out a soft little noise. “….don’t tell anyone I let you do this,” Geoff mumbled into Ryan’s ear. Ryan just let out a little non-committal noise – probably something like ‘the same to you’. Geoff laughed a bit and then leaned his head back against the wall. It had been a somewhat brutal punch-up and it was nice, for a moment, to find some peace.

…even if he was getting mud on his favorite pants.

Fahc ramwood where Ryan and Geoff go out on the town all the time and everyone is just like who is this random guy always seen with the boss of the fakes. Another gang tries to kidnap Ryan because they see him as ‘Geoff’s weakness’ and well not a single member of that gang is ever seen again

Geoff isn’t super happy about his boyfriend playing bait but Ryan assures him he can handle himself because no one is expecting nerdy looking Ryan to be the Vagabond. And by the time the crew gets there most of the other gang is already dead.


i also have a passion for ramwood tbh like maybe because they both are My Dads but like domestic ramwood is so nice where like they maybe have a little daughter who calls geoff dad and calls ryan papa and they just spoil the heck out of her

and if she has nightmares then they just like!!!! let her sleep in between them in bed and they just all lay there cuddling together with like a big dog at the end of the bed and they just are So Cute