so i was going thru a bunch of asks you’ve gotten and came across trans boys trevor + jeremy? i’ve been on a real treremwood kick as of late (also bc of asks you got), and now i can’t stop thinking abt ryan and his two trans boyfriends, constantly telling them how fucking strong they are, helping them when they get particularly dysphoric, loving them completely


but also consider: all three of them are trans


(projection time) NB Ryan who can’t be Touched. so usually they cover their entire body (boots, jeans, binder, jacket, mask, gloves) but they have to go undercover and have to be touched for it to work. Then that night while they’re trying to sleep Ryan freaks out and they keep feeling hands. So they have to take another shower and they start scratching up their arms. Jeremy gets up to check on them and brings them clean clothes. He doesn’t touch them but him just being there calms Ryan down.


everyone in the fake ah crew is trans. not that they just happen to all be trans; Jack and Geoff have a mostly-unspoken requirement that anyone who wants to join can’t be cis (tho they have made a couple exceptions in the past and will continue to do so if the cis person comes with a recommendation from one of their trans crewmembers). 

it’s not that they demand people out themselves when they want to join; it’s just that Jack and Geoff are really good about picking up tells. like how Lindsay missed a spot shaving that morning (bcos she can’t afford laser hair removal yet) and so keeps trying to pull her hair over the patch that she’s since noticed. or how Michael constantly rubs at his shoulders where his binder digs in. or how Jeremy complains about it being hot all the time but won’t take off his shirt (or how he tugs at his undershirt a bunch bcos he’s stocky enough that his binder doesn’t sit perfectly). or how the Vagabond so rarely talks and when he does he tries to pitch his voice low, how he walks stiffly to try to make his shoulders look wider. or hell, how Kdin talks about sylveon before she comes out. they’re mostly not things that cis ppl would use to clock them, just things that Jack and Geoff recognize because they’ve done the same things over the years.

Jeremy’s little book of BIG firsts


Rating: E (first time blowjobs)
Pairing: Jeremwood
Word count: 961
A/N: listen, I know… but how could i resist that title i mean.. come on (also kinda written in celebration of 200 followers. Like i was planning on writing it anyway but i reached 200 and thought.. damn.. i should start writing something)

Jeremy distantly recalled some drunken night a couple of weeks ago when he’d talked about sucking dick. Now, Jeremy wasn’t an expert, not by any stretch of the imagination. I mean who hadn’t thought about it? Who hadn’t practice sometimes? Just so that if the time came and Jeremy were to find himself in a position where sucking dick was an option, he wouldn’t be caught with his pants down. I mean, ideally he would have his pants down, but that’s not the point. The point was Jeremy may not have sucked a dick, but he could hypothetically suck one. And while drunk, out with friends -having a good time-  he’d said that if he sucked a dick, he’d want it to be a big one.

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i’m always a sucker for fahc jackeoff where they’re Both Trans(tm)??? so that but also jack brought a cat home from a heist and they find out (the hard way) that geoff is allergic to cats


this was such a great prompt and it’s not outright stated but honestly this is me you can pretty much assume all characters are trans

“I swear to fucking God, Geoffrey Lazer Ramsey,” Jack warned, turning to face him. “If you sneeze and wake me up one more fucking time at–” She paused to stare at the blinking alarm clock on the night stand. “Three-thirty in the morning, I’m not going to be held accountable for my actions.” She waited a beat, glaring at Geoff, before saying, “And that’s a promise, not a threat.”

Geoff pouted at her, crossing his arms in front of his chest. He resisted the urge to scratch at the red bumps  littering his skin as he huffed out a breath.

“It’s not my fault.” He argued. “Don’t you think I’d like some rest, too? I have a meeting with our new arms dealer in about five hours and I need my beauty sleep.”

Jack snorted.

“Trust me,” She pursed her lips and looked him up and down. “you can’t afford how much beauty sleep you’re gonna need.”

Geoff scowled.

“Alright, asshole, real funny.” He broke, itching at the irritated skin. “It’s that damn cat you brought home! I think I’m allergic.” As if to emphasize his point, he sneezed again and groaned.

“Lily hasn’t done a thing wrong in her life.”

Lily is a fucking menace that’s making it impossible to breathe.” Geoff glanced down at Jack’s pillow, where the kitten in question was sleeping peacefully, purring in Jack’s ear softly. “I think we should get r–”

“Geoff, I love you. You know I love you. But if you even finish that thought, you won’t have to worry about meeting anybody tomorrow because I’m going to kill you myself.” She raised a hand to stroke between Lily’s ears. The kitten nuzzled closer. “I’ve already formed a more meaningful bond with this cat than you and I could ever hope to achieve.”

Geoff sighed in defeat. He glanced at the two of them cuddled together and melted a bit at the sight. Well, she was a cute cat.

“I guess I’ll talk to Caleb about allergy shots.”