Ryan shooting his punishment selfie in a pose of Meg’s choice.




hugs for you

[jeremwood, background turnwood]

“Hey,” Jeremy said awkwardly before she could even open the door fully. “Is Ryan here?”

Meg raised an eyebrow as she opened the door the rest of the way. She crossed her arms, giving him a look over that made him feel a little judged even though he knew her stern expression was an act. He found himself self-consciously mirroring her down to the slightly pursed lips. It wasn’t usually this awkward interacting with his boyfriend’s girlfriend.

“Hello to you too,” Meg greeted him.

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You asked for headcannons i am here to present. Fahc Meg who terrifies the crew. Not because of her intelligence or her kills but because of the power she holds over Ryan. They mean the world to each other, spent years working together. And whatever she asks he does. Wether its a undercover job or simply to go out, Ryan does whatever she asks without question. And it terrifies Geoff, that the Vagabond would without a doubt follow Dollface to the ends of the earth without sparing them one glance.



so can we take a moment to consider nb ryan going shopping with meg? Like turnwood shopping spree and meg is just appalled by ryan’s awful taste and she ends up making them try on all sorts of dresses and skirts and such until they find some long flowing summer dresses together.
Also meg doing ryan’s make up?? Like meg and ryan spending ages just doing each other’s make up before going out on dates. Meg does up ryan all pastel pinks and sparkle shimmers and ryan makes up meg in heavy purples and they both love what the other did. 
Just like
Think about it